Kids Tennis Lessons - Warnbro

Warnbro Tennis Club

Venue Address
87 Warnbro Sound Ave, Warnbro, WA, 6169 (behind Aqua Jetty)

Venue Phone
(08) 9381 7756

Venue Mobile
0417 935 659

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The Best Kids Tennis Lessons Near Warnbro on a Budget

Parents know that it can sometimes be tough to get your kid to get outdoors and stay active. While kids want activities that are fun and engaging, parents need to be sure that their money will be well-spent. If you are in search of a sport that will help their child make friends, build confidence, and love exercising should try our Kids Tennis Lessons near Warnbro, brought to you by Tennis Lessons Perth.

Peter Gerrans, former competitive tennis player and founder of Peter Gerrans Tennis Lessons Perth, brings over 25 years of certified coaching experience to your children. Tennis Lessons Perth puts a focus on family fun and junior coaching, and they offer specialised coaching to individual learners of all age groups, skill levels, and competition levels. As a proudly parent-friendly company, Tennis Lessons Perth works to accommodate parents with busy lifestyles and tight budgets. To Peter Gerrans and his wife, Cassandra, tennis is a game that can and should be enjoyed by children and adults of all genders, ages, and ability level, and it is their pleasure to have you and your child join them.

In the spirit of making sure everyone can enjoy the sport of tennis, Tennis Lessons Perth has opened 8 - 10 venues surrounding Perth and Perth Central. The term fees are set low at $130, which affords you eight one-hour tennis sessions for your child, with all equipment included for students aged three through five. If you wish to set up some Kids Tennis Lessons near Warnbro, call us on (08) 9381 7756.

Kids Tennis Coaching, Classes & Training in Warnbro

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