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Finding the Right Junior Tennis Program in Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, or Baldivis

If you want your children to learn collaboration, discipline, self-confidence, and the benefits of exercise, enrol them in junior tennis. Mandurah tennis programs can help children to feel proud of themselves and be pleased with their …read more.

How Lessons with Tennis Lessons Perth in Safety Bay, Rockingham, Baldivis, or Mandurah Benefit Your Child

One good way to get your children interested in tennis is to find them some age-appropriate lessons where they’ll be able to have fun. At Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching, we offer lessons for children of any age to …read more.

Advancing in Juniors Tennis with  Tennis Lessons Perth  in  Leederville, Noranda, and Joondalup

At Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching, we take pride in working with young players from an early age all the way to adulthood. As the kids get older and their skills progress, we use Tennis Australia MLC’s Hot Shots program to …read more.

Losing Interest in Junior Tennis? Perth, Leederville, Noranda, and Joondalup Pros Offer Tips

If your child is beginning to lose interest in his or her West Perth junior tennis program, don’t be alarmed: this phase can be a normal part of sports participation for youngsters. Though there may be natural cycles involved that are …read more.

Kids Tennis Lessons from Coaches with Over 25 Years Experience in Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, and Baldivis

Kids tennis lessons in Mandurah can be a great way for your child to exercise, make friends, and learn a new sport. When you enrol your child in the training, you want to be sure to have the best coaches. Tennis Lessons Perth has coaches …read more.

Kids Tennis Lessons Available All Over Perth Including in Leederville, Noranda, and Joondalup

Finding healthy and fun activities in which your child can participate can sometimes be difficult. With so many activities and obligations filling up your schedule, you do not want to have to drive long distances for …read more.

Kids can Learn to Play Tennis with Professional Coaches in Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay and Baldivis

Tennis is a wonderful sport for children to learn. It provides a full-body workout and skills that can last a lifetime. Many people who participate in kids tennis in Mandurah continue to play into adulthood, both for fun and …read more.

Fun and Social Activities with Kids Tennis in Perth, Leederville, Noranda, and Joondalup

Many children do not get enough physical activity, despite efforts from their parents to motivate them to get active. You can help your child be active while having fun and making friends by enrolling him or her in kids tennis in Perth. Tennis is an …read more.

What a Tennis Coach in Safety Bay Can Teach You

Tennis lessons can provide you and your kids with a good opportunity to run around and get some exercise as well as having fun. To help you get the most out of the game, though, a tennis coach at the Rockingham Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis coaching location, or…read more.

Finding the Right Tennis Coach in Perth, Leederville, Noranda, and Joondalup

Whether you’re interested in moving your tennis skills to the next level or in picking up the sport for the first time, or if you’re looking for a place where your kids can comfortably pick up the sport, it’s important to …read more.

How Tennis Coaching in Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, and Baldivis Can Work for You

Building a lifelong love for tennis in your kids, and continuing to enjoy the sport yourself as an adult, can be a fun and simple way to sty athletic. Tennis coaching in Safety Bay and other Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching locations can …read more.

How Tennis Coaching at Perth, Leederville, Noranda, or Joondalup Locations Can Help Your Game

Whether you’re new to tennis or an experienced player looking to brush up your game and learn new skills, good coaching can help you improve and can offer a good time. Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching works with players of …read more.

Starting Tennis for Kids? Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, and Baldivis Instructors Offer Tips

Mandurah families know that tennis for kids programs in Secret Harbour are great opportunities to help children with their physical fitness and their emotional development. Mandurah instructors recommend preparing your child ahead of …read more.

Tennis for Kids: Perth, Leederville, Noranda, and Joondalup Children Benefit from an Engaging Hobby

More Perth children than ever are enjoying the benefits of programs that offer tennis for kids. Playing tennis is a stimulating and engaging hobby that children can carry with them throughout their lives. As a recreational activity in …read more.

Matching Your Child with Tennis Lessons for Kids at Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, or Baldivis Centres

If your child is interested in picking up tennis, or if you’re a tennis player yourself and are hoping for them to follow in your footsteps, you might want to get them started with lessons at a young age. With our tennis lessons for …read more.

Finding the Right Tennis Lessons for Kids in Perth, Leederville, Noranda, or Joondalup

If you’re looking for ways to get your kids more involved in sports and playing outside, tennis can be a good option, as it will help them get exercise without having to be too intense. Lessons from Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching can …read more.

Getting the Family Tennis Lessons in Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, and Baldivis

Tennis is a simple sport that anyone in your family can enjoy from an early age. If you’re looking for ways to get your kids a good start in the game, or you want to make it easier for your whole family to enjoy …read more.

Improving Your Game with Tennis Lessons in Perth, Leederville, Noranda, or Joondalup

Tennis is a sport that can be played at plenty of different skill levels, and that you can either keep playing or pick up at just about any age. Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching offers lessons for children from the age of three all …read more.

Why Start Tiny Tots Tennis in Safety Bay?

It’s important to make sure your kids have plenty of chances to play outside and get fresh air and exercise, both for their health and for general developmental skills like physical coordination and sportsmanship. One good way to do this is through organised games and…read more.

Getting Your Kids Started with Tiny Tots Tennis in Perth, Noranda, Joondalup, and Leederville

Learning a sport at an early age can benefit them throughout their lives. To get a good start, you’ll want them to be in the appropriate type of lessons geared toward their age. Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching includes sessions for …read more.


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