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The Most Fun Kids Tennis Lessons Near Baldivis Secondary College

To your child, going out for sports could be the favourite part of their week or their most dreaded obligation. We have all heard tales of awful gym class and physical education nightmares, stories so scary that a kid may be tempted to avoid exercise altogether. That’s why Peter Gerrans, with his wife, Cassandra, has spent a lifetime perfecting a coaching program that is loads of fun for kids and encourages each student to take advantage of their unique talents. Tennis Lessons Perth brings this exciting game to locations all around Perth, including Kids Tennis Lessons near Baldivis Secondary College.

Peter Gerrans Tennis Lessons Perth is optimised for children of all age groups. Whether your baby is in their Kindy years (ages 3 - 5) or is old enough for Junior lessons (ages 5 - 18), Gerrans’ time-tested program will engage each student in fun group sessions. Kids will feel encouraged and have a blast as they progress at their own pace and make friends with their fellow students. As they become stronger, the Juniors will be ready to take on the Junior Competitions (casual tournaments that introduce learners to competitive challenges). Introducing your child to the sport with Tennis Lessons Perth will open to them a world of play.

For just $130, your child can enjoy a term of 8 weekly one-hour lessons at one of our many venues around Perth. When looking for fun and professional Kids Tennis Lessons around Baldivis Secondary College and Perth, look no further than Tennis Lessons Perth. Contact us on (08) 9381 7756 to find a program that suits your family.

Kids Tennis Coaching, Classes & Training in Baldivis Secondary College

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