Five Reasons to Enrol Your Child in Kids Tennis Training and Coaching Classes in Singleton

Have you been looking for an extracurricular activity for your son or daughter? Have you been trying to find a sport that is fun, challenging and engaging from both a physical and mental standpoint? If so, you might consider enrolling your child for kids tennis classes in Singleton.

At Tennis Lessons Perth, we have been teaching kids to play tennis for more than 20 years. Here are just a few of the benefits we’ve noticed in our students along the way.

Why Tennis Is Great for Kids

  1. It’s fun: The number one reason to get your child involved is that he or she will have a terrific time. At Tennis Lessons Perth, our kids tennis training in Singleton emphasises the skill, strategy and athleticism of tennis, but also focuses on the social and playful part of the sport. Your son or daughter will make great friends and have more than a few memorable moments out on the court.
  2. It builds coordination: Tennis is a sport that can be learned and played at just about any age. However, tennis is particularly fantastic for kids because of how it develops strong body coordination. From hand-eye coordination (necessary for good ball striking) to overall coordination of the body’s core muscle groups (essential for quick movements and bodily adjustments), tennis hones coordination throughout the body and teaches players to have more meticulous control over their movements.
  3. It is an extremely mentally engaging sport: One of the best things about kids tennis coaching in Singleton is that it teaches mental strength as well as physical strength. The best tennis players aren’t just terrific athletes; they are also smart, quick-thinking problem solvers. More than virtually any other sport, tennis involves playing the angles and understanding the physics of the game. In addition, players will have to adapt their playing style to counteract the strengths of their opponents.
  4. It teaches responsibility and independence: Out on the tennis court—at least for a singles match—there is nothing to rely on but your own skill and mental fortitude. As a result, players have to accept full responsibility for what happens during a match. If a player wins, the victory is her own. If she loses, the loss is her own as well. This factor emphasises independence and makes tennis particularly rewarding in the case of a win. However, it also teaches kids how to accept failure and learn from it, rather than putting the blame on other players, coaches or officials. This lesson can be beneficial in all areas of life.
  5. It is a lifelong pursuit: Unlike some team sports that become more difficult to participate in after school age, tennis is a sport that can be a lifelong pursuit. All you need to play tennis is a racquet, a ball, a court and a partner. In other words, by getting your child involved in kids tennis classes in Singleton, you could be giving them the gift of a hobby they will carry for decades to come.

Get Involved in Kids Tennis Training in Singleton Today

Are you interested in getting your son or daughter involved in tennis? At Tennis Lessons Perth, we offer kids tennis coaching in Singleton. We also offer courses in numerous other Perth suburbs, including Meadow Springs, Golden Bay, Secret Harbour and Lakelands. To learn more, or to find a specific course near you, give us a call on (08) 9381 7756.

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