Schedule Kids Tennis Training Classes and Adult Tennis Coaching Sessions at the Same Time in Mandurah

At Tennis Lessons Perth, one of our goals has always been to make high quality tennis training available to everyone. This urge to serve all potential tennis players in Perth is why we offer tennis classes in 10 different locations throughout the metropolitan area. It’s also why we offer junior tennis coaching, kids tennis classes and adult tennis training—all under the same roof.

A More Convenient Option for Kids Tennis Training in Mandurah

More than just offering all these tennis training options, we try to make them easy and convenient. For instance, say you want to get your children involved in tennis. You enrol them in kids tennis classes in Mandurah—at the Mandurah Tennis Club, which is one of our training venues. However, after you book the class, you decide that you are interested in taking tennis lessons as well. At Tennis Lessons Perth, we not only can find you an adult tennis training course that is suitable for your skill level, but we can also find you a training class that coincides with your son or daughter’s tennis class.

Indeed, at Tennis Lessons Perth, we always try to structure our schedules so that our kids tennis classes coincide with our adult tennis classes. That way, it easy for parents and children to learn key tennis skills simultaneously. Not only can a mother and daughter share in the enjoyment and progress of learning tennis, but they can also enrol in courses that occur at the same place and during the same timeslots. Parents don’t need to drop their kids off for tennis coaching in Mandurah, run errands for an hour and then come back to pick their kids up. Instead, they can enrol in their own tennis courses, fitting in their daily exercise time while their kids are occupied on another tennis court elsewhere in the building. Logistically, it’s one of the best ways to arrange youth sports so that they don’t cut into parents’ busy schedules.

Pave the Way Towards Fun Family Tennis Time

Over the years, Tennis Lessons Perth has welcomed families into our midst. We trained parents and children alike, to the point where members of both family generations became fairly accomplished tennis players. We love hearing from these families and how they have made tennis a key part of their family bonding time. Many of the families who have trained with us over the years continue to find time to play tennis together to this day—a testament, we believe, to the quality and fun of our adult and kids tennis training programs in Mandurah.

Are you interested in booking adult or kids tennis coaching sessions, either in Mandurah or at any of our other venues throughout the Perth area? Whether you live in Halls Head, Dawesville, South Mandurah or Erskine, we have a location that will suit you. Call Tennis Lessons Perth on (08) 9381 7756 to learn more.

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