Why Start Tiny Tots Tennis in Safety Bay?

It’s important to make sure your kids have plenty of chances to play outside and get fresh air and exercise, both for their health and for general developmental skills like physical coordination and sportsmanship. One good way to do this is through organised games and sport. Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching has lesson programmes starting all the way with kindy lessons for three- to five-year-olds. Our history of over twenty years in coaching both adults and children has helped us develop a program that will work for your family and that will encourage your kids to grow and enjoy themselves.

Lessons for tiny tots tennis in Rockingham and other areas of Perth are focused on basic skills, getting comfortable in the tennis court, and above all, having fun. Especially when kids first start learning, it’s important not to pressure them to perform at a certain level. Instead, we encourage them to develop a love of the game by showing them how enjoyable it can be. They’ll learn how to handle a tennis racket of the appropriate size, and some basics of how to get to the ball and aim it.

How Tiny Tots Tennis in Baldivis Works

Lessons at this level last forty-five minutes and occur once a week. Like our other junior lessons, they’re once a week for eight-week terms. If your child starts the term late, or can’t finish out the whole term, your fees will be discounted for the lessons that you missed. This way you won’t have to worry about being able to start or finish your tiny tots tennis term at a certain time. As a family-run business ourselves, we understand how important it is to have flexibility, and we want to make sure to find an arrangement that will work for your family. With that in mind, we also provide all equipment needed.

For older children, the term dates are set to go along with the school term to make scheduling more convenient. We also start providing testing and advancement programs, to help parents get a better sense of how their children are progressing, and also to give kids goals to work toward.

From an early stage in the process, our players spend time in game situations where they’ll be able to use the skills they’ve been working on and help with their conditioning. These situations are also a good way for them to learn good sportsmanship, and playing doubles will help to give them a feel for teamwork.

As our young players’ skills advance, they may want to participate at more advanced levels of competition such as a Junior Match Play program. We make sure not to keep kids on the level that they’re ready for and interested in. This way, they won’t feel too much pressure. Keeping the process fun will help them build an ongoing love for the sport that they’ll be able to carry with them.

With a solid foundation and enjoyment, we hope to help your family be able to share and enjoy tennis for a long time to come.

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