Learning a sport at an early age can benefit them throughout their lives. To get a good start, you’ll want them to be in the appropriate type of lessons geared toward their age. Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching includes sessions for tiny tots tennis at Perth locations that your whole family can enjoy at any age.

Introducing Tiny Tots to Tennis in Leederville

For 3- to 5-year olds, Peter Gerrans offers introductory kindy lessons to help introduce younger children to the game. This is a way to help them develop some basic skills, as well as learning to enjoy spending time on the court. Like the lessons for older kids, the terms are eight weeks long with one lesson each week. The lessons are shorter, though, and last 45 minutes. This helps to accommodate their attention and strength levels.

Although these are group lessons at fixed times, at Peter Gerrans our goal is to accommodate your family throughout the process. As a family-run business, we understand the unique needs that families might have. You can start lessons at any time during a term that’s already started, and have the fees pro-rated according to how many lessons you are present for. This way you’ll be able to participate without worrying about starting on time or being able to finish the whole term through. We also supply equipment for each child for each lesson.

Lessons at this level will be focused on getting comfortable on the tennis course, so we make sure that everyone is able to participate and to play together, both in a learning environment and in a match environment where they can have a chance to practice and use their new skills. We also work on teaching good practice habits, such as warming up beforehand to keep from getting hurt. Although we don’t use a testing or evaluation system for kindy lessons, we work closely with parents to keep track of your child’s progress and to make sure your kids are enjoying themselves.

The Benefits of Starting Tiny Tots Tennis Early

It’s important for your children’s health to give them chances to move around and play outside as much as possible. We give them a chance to get a good workout, and to develop their general strength and coordination as they learn how to swing the racket and find and aim the ball. They’ll also start to learn sportsmanship and consideration for others, plus persistence and hard work. Learning to play doubles tennis will even teach them about teamwork.

Starting tennis early and keeping the lessons light and fun will encourage a love that can keep them playing for many years. Along with potentially becoming successful at higher levels, this will give them a way to continue staying active and healthy, and will keep their mind and body focused on an ongoing basis.

With a low-pressure approach, we aim to get kids a good start so that your entire family can learn and enjoy the game together. Giving your tiny tots tennis lessons at Noranda, Joondalup, or other locations through Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching will help them develop the skills they need to continue.

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