Tennis is a simple sport that anyone in your family can enjoy from an early age. If you’re looking for ways to get your kids a good start in the game, or you want to make it easier for your whole family to enjoy playing together, tennis lessons in Safety Bay and other locations at Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching can help you reach your goals.

Structure for Tennis Lessons in Rockingham

Peter Gerrans offers lessons for every age range, both children and adults. At the youngest level, we offer kindy lessons for three- to five-year-olds. These are shorter, forty-five minute lessons that will be focused on getting your child used to handling a racket and the rules of the game.

As your kids get older and their skills and ability start to progress, at Peter Gerrans they’ll have the chance to go through the Hot Shots programme for kids under ten. This is a specially designed kids’ program using equipment better adapted to their size and strength. Smaller, lighter rackets will be easier to handle, and low-compression balls won’t bounce as high and will be easier to keep under control. The program also uses smaller courts so that kids can focus on skills and not get too tired out from running around. The programme has three levels that kids can move up through at their own pace without feeling pressure to play at an adult level.

Adults can continue taking lessons, whether to develop your skills or to pick up the sport for the first time. You can even start at the same time your kids do. Group lessons can give you the chance to work with your friends, and personal lessons are also offered to give you the chance to work on particular skills. Personal tennis lessons in Baldivis are a good way to make fast progress, especially if you’re working toward competitive matches.

Junior lessons are help in eight-weeks terms that match with school terms to help coordinate scheduling. Adult lessons are held at the same time, so the whole family can conveniently take lessons at the same time. Although the term dates are set, you can still start lessons at any time and Peter Gerrans will pro-rate the fees for the ones that you miss. As a family-run business ourselves, we understand the importance of flexibility and are eager to work with your needs. We also provide equipment for junior lessons.

Benefits from Tennis Lessons in Mandurah

Like other outdoor sports, tennis gives you a good opportunity to be active and get some fresh air. For young children in particular, it can help develop skills like muscle coordination and strength and hand-eye coordination. It’s also a good way to cultivate persistence and sportsmanship. Playing doubles will even require cooperation and teamwork.

At Peter Gerrans we work closely with each student to make sure they’re getting the skill development they want and are working at an appropriate level. We also make sure to keep the game fun. While this is an important part of developing a love of tennis in kids or new players of any age, it can encourage anyone to keep playing, whatever your level is.

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