If your child is interested in picking up tennis, or if you’re a tennis player yourself and are hoping for them to follow in your footsteps, you might want to get them started with lessons at a young age. With our tennis lessons for kids at Mandurah and other Perth area locations, Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching can help them at any age and playing level.

Types of Tennis Lessons for Kids in Rockingham in Different Age Groups

Since kids of different ages as well as skill levels will have different needs, our junior programs for children are broken down into a few different ranges. For the youngest kids, three to five year olds, our kindy lessons will offer a good way to get them familiar with the game and used to holding a racket. The main goal at this level is just for them to start having fun on the court. These lessons are also a bit shorter, at forty-five minutes rather than an hour.

Kids between five and ten years old can take advantage of the Hot Shots program from Tennis Australia MLC that uses equipment better suited to their size and skill level. This includes smaller rackets that will be easier to handle, low-compression tennis balls that won’t bounce too high and are less likely to go flying out of control, and smaller courts. There are different levels to the program that kids can go up through at their own pace, moving to the next one once they’re ready.

As kids get older, they’ll start being tested and graded as they develop. This helps us get a feel for what their needs are, and is an important tool in discussing your child’s progress with you. Some kids may be interested in moving on to competition, including junior match play, pennants, and tournaments. Playing in lots of practice matches will give them a chance to put their skills into action. Older children and teenagers will work in squads where they’ll get the chance for this type of polishing and further development.

Benefits From Tennis Lessons for Kids in Safety Bay

Tennis is a sport that can be kept up at any age at either a competitive or recreational level, which makes it a good way for your kids to stay active and healthy. At an early age, tennis lessons for kids in Baldivis, or whichever location works best for you, will be a good way to help them develop muscle coordination and strength, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Besides the physical health benefits, tennis can expose kids to ideas like sportsmanship, hard work and persistence, and even teamwork, especially in doubles play. These will all be useful in other areas of their lives as well.

Throughout the whole process, we work with you to make sure that your kids are enjoying themselves and are able to reach their own playing goals. Through all of these levels, the most important thing we want to teach is having fun.

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