If you’re looking for ways to get your kids more involved in sports and playing outside, tennis can be a good option, as it will help them get exercise without having to be too intense. Lessons from Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching can help them get started and improve their skills over time.

What Do Tennis Lessons for Kids in Perth Involve?

Coaching can start at an early age, with kindy lessons for ages three to five. These lessons will be more focused on helping kids understand the idea of the game, and showing them how they can have fun on the court. A good foundation like this can help cultivate a lasting love of tennis in your kids.

For kids a little bit older but still under ten, the Hot Shots program from Tennis Australia MLC offers tennis lessons for kids in Leederville and other locations where they’ll be able to use equipment better suited to their size and strength. This includes smaller rackets that will be easier to handle, and low-compression tennis balls that won’t bounce as high and aren’t likely to fly away wildly. It’s also played on smaller courts, letting kids focus on skills instead of getting too tired from running back and forth. There are three stages: Red, Orange, and Green. Kids can move up to different levels whenever they’re ready and advance at their own pace.

After the age of ten, older kids have the chance to take part in squad training, where they can begin training for competition, including pennants and tournaments. Practice matches will help them develop the particular skills they’ll need in a collaborative and social environment.

At all of these levels, lessons meet for eight-week terms that match up with school terms to help make your scheduling more convenient. Although the term dates are fixed, you can start lessons at any time. Term fees can be pro-rated for any lessons that you might have missed. This way, you won’t have to worry as much about having to start by a certain date. As a family-run business ourselves, we understand how important flexibility is to your family. Peter Gerrans also provides equipment for junior lessons.

Benefits from Tennis Lessons for Kids in Noranda

Tennis is a good way to help smaller kids develop their muscle strength and coordination and the hand-eye coordination. Tennis lessons for kids in Joondalup will also help them with other important life skills, like sportsmanship, persistence and hard work, and even teamwork and cooperation when playing doubles or helping out teammates on squads. All of these are things they’ll be able to carry with them into other parts of their lives.

Besides that, the exercise your kids will get from playing can help them develop good fitness habits for the rest of their lives as well. Tennis is a good way for them to stay active throughout their lives, and starting early with good lessons is a good way for them to develop a lasting love for the sport that will encourage them to keep going.

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