Building a lifelong love for tennis in your kids, and continuing to enjoy the sport yourself as an adult, can be a fun and simple way to sty athletic. Tennis coaching in Safety Bay and other Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching locations can help you take advantage of everything the sport has to offer.

Benefits from Tennis Coaching in Mandurah

Tennis is a relatively low-impact sport that can be easy to pick up at any age. You and your family will be able to continue playing at whatever level you feel comfortable with. Playing outdoor sports and staying active are important aspects of healthy living for everyone, no matter what your skill level is, and tennis is a good way to stay in better shape. It’s a relatively low-impact sport with some aerobic conditioning benefits.

Getting tennis coaching is especially important for young children who are still developing muscle coordination and strength. Following and aiming the ball will also help to develop hand-eye coordination.

Along with physical conditioning, tennis involves psychological skills like persistence, hard work, sportsmanship, and even teamwork and coordination while playing doubles. All of these will be important life skills outside of sport as well.

Planning Sessions of Tennis Coaching in Baldivis

Junior lessons for children are held in eight-week terms that are planned to match with school terms. This makes coordinating your family’s schedule easier. Lessons for adults are also held at the same times, so you’ll all be able to learn and get your practicing in together. Although the junior terms are fixed, you’ll still be able to start lessons at Peter Gerrans at any time. We can pro-rate the fees for any term lessons you may have missed.

Junior lessons for children can start with kindy lessons for three- to five-year olds. These will focus on having fun and some of the basics of handling a racket. After that, kids under ten can participate in the Hot Shots programme of tennis coaching in Rockingham, which uses equipment we can provide that will be better adapted to their size. This includes smaller rackets that will be easier to handle, and low-compression tennis balls that won’t bounce as high or as wildly and so won’t be as out of control. It’s also played on smaller courts. There are three levels to the programme, and kids can move through the appropriate level for them at their own pace.

Depending on their progress, older kids may eventually work their way up to practice squads and pennant or tournament play. At Peter Gerrans, we coach them at the level they’re comfortable with.

Adults can also take group lessons to practice working with others in a more social environment, or sign up for individual lessons that can be particularly helpful in working on specific skills. These private lessons can help you make fast progress in getting ready for competition.

Whatever your family’s ages and skill levels, our tennis coaching in Rockingham and other Perth-area locations can help you to keep learning and keep having fun.

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