Whether you’re new to tennis or an experienced player looking to brush up your game and learn new skills, good coaching can help you improve and can offer a good time. Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching works with players of all skill levels and all ages.

Junior Tennis Coaching in Leederville

Kids can have a good time out on the course from an early age. Our kindy lessons for three- to five-year olds are a bit shorter than those for older kids or adults, at forty-five minutes. They provide a chance to get used to handling a racket and to the game, while seeing how fun playing tennis can be.

For slightly older kids, the Hot Shots tennis programme offered through Peter Gerrans offers the chance to learn more advanced skills using equipment that will be better suited to their size and strength. This includes smaller rackets that will be easier to handle, low-compression balls that won’t ounce out of control as easily, and small courts, where they’ll be able to concentrate on skills and coordination without getting too tired out from running around. There are three levels that kids can move through at their own pace whenever they’re ready. Peter Gerrans will provide the equipment needed for junior lessons.

As their skills develop, some kids may start playing at a competitive level, including pennants and tournaments. Kid over ten can join squads to help develop the particular tools they’ll need for matches. Tennis coaching, at Joondalup or other locations, can help them continue to develop and grow their skills at a high level.

Tennis Coaching at Perth Locations for Adults

Adults can join lessons as well, no matter what their level of play. If you’re interested in picking up the sport yourself or in learning along with your children, Peter Gerrans can get you started. We can also help you polish and keep up your skills, whether for competition or to play with your friends.

Group lessons will give you the chance to work on your skills in practice matches and work collaboratively. We also offer personal lessons, which will be particular helpful in getting a particular skill or move down. They’re a good chance to see quick improvement from individual tennis coaching at Noranda and other Peter Gerrans locations.

Lessons for adults are schedules at the same time as those for kids, making schedule coordination easy. You’ll have the chance for your whole family to play and learn together. Kids’ lessons are help in terms that match up with school terms, which also simplifies the question of scheduling. You’ll be able to start lessons at any time, and can get your fees pro-rated for any parts of the term that you might miss.

Lessons for kids can help them to build a lasting love for the sport, but no matter your level of play, tennis coaching will give you a fun way to stay active throughout your life.

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