What a Tennis Coach in Safety Bay Can Teach You

Tennis lessons can provide you and your kids with a good opportunity to run around and get some exercise as well as having fun. To help you get the most out of the game, though, a tennis coach at the Rockingham Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis coaching location, or whichever of our locations works best for you, can help anyone in your family work on their game.

For the youngest players, in kindy lessons for three- to five-year olds, we focus on getting them comfortable with the most basic parts of the game, and with handling a racket. These lessons will be a little bit shorter than those for older kids or adults, at forty-five minutes, since we don’t want to push kids of any age too hard. At the beginning, the most important part is getting kids interested in tennis as a fun game.

Older kids will benefit from more structured lessons. At Peter Gerrans, we also offer the Hot Shots program from Tennis Australia MLC, which uses equipment that will be better adapted for their size and strength. This includes smaller rackets that will be easier to handle, and low-compression tennis balls that won’t bounce as high and won’t go bouncing out of control too easily. The courts used are also smaller, so kids can focus on their skills and not have to run back and forth too much.

As their skills progress, our coaches can help them work on the skills they’ll need for competitions, including pennants and tournaments, if they’re interested in participating. This includes practice matches that can help kids get used to competition while still working together in a more collaborative setting.

For adults, group lessons can get you started or help you improve in a more relaxed, social environment. Individual sessions, on the other hand, will be a good chance to work on specific skills and make fast progress in your abilities.

Why Find a Tennis Coach in Mandurah?

As a relatively low-impact sport that provides plenty of aerobic exercise, tennis is a good way to stay active and be in better physical condition at any age. For younger kids in particular, it can also help with their physical development, including muscle coordination and strength as well as hand-eye coordination.

Along with physical health, though, working with a tennis coach in Baldivis also helps to develop skills that will be helpful in other areas of life. These include sportsmanship, persistence and hard work, and even teamwork and collaboration when playing doubles.

At Peter Gerrans, we work on keeping our lessons lighter and more enjoyable. For our junior lessons in particular, it’s important to let the kids have fun as part of helping them to develop a lasting love for the game. For all of these reasons, if you and your family are interested in tennis, working with our coaches can help you to reach your goal, whether it’s to play better in competition or just playing recreationally.

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