Many children do not get enough physical activity, despite efforts from their parents to motivate them to get active. You can help your child be active while having fun and making friends by enrolling him or her in kids tennis in Perth. Tennis is an excellent physical activity that a person can do for the rest of his or her life. With lessons for kids tennis in Leederville, your child will learn tennis from experienced and professional coaches who facilitate a fun and social environment while also providing the best instruction in the sport. Tennis Lessons Perth offers parent friendly coaching that is fun and affordable in a location near you.

Why Kids Tennis in Noranda

There are many benefits of playing tennis, including physical, mental, emotional and social benefits. Tennis provides a comprehensive workout with both cardiovascular and strength building activities. Swinging the racket strengthens your arm muscles while moving around the court strengthens the leg muscles. The running involved in the sport provides a great cardiovascular workout, especially during an intense game. The short bursts of activity followed by rest in tennis also provide an anaerobic workout. Furthermore, kids tennis in Leederville enhances your child’s body coordination, hand eye coordination, agility, balance, and more. By starting early with kids tennis in Joondalup, your child can build a foundation of physical fitness to last a lifetime.

Have Fun and Socialise

Not only does kids tennis in Perth provide an excellent workout, it also offers a fun way to make friends and socialise. Although tennis can be an individual sport, kids tennis in Noranda includes many students, providing a perfect opportunity for your child to make friends. The coaches are professionals well versed in tennis that also know how to make the sport fun for children. Children of all skill levels can enjoy learning the sport alongside other students. Tennis also teaches your child discipline, a strong work ethic, and sportsmanship, traits that will help them succeed throughout life. When you enrol your kids in Tennis Lessons Perth, you will give them an opportunity to have fun while exercising and making friends.

Why Choose Tennis Lessons Perth

Tennis Lessons Perth is a family run tennis coaching school that has been in the Perth area for over 20 years. They provide coaching for all skill levels and ages, including kids tennis in Joondalup. They have locations all over the Perth area, including in the North, South, and Central locations, such as Leederville, Noranda, Joondalup, and more. They offer parent friendly, affordable and fun programs including group coaching, private lessons, squad training, social tennis, competitions, holiday clinics, tournaments, and more. They also provide racquet sales and restringing. The term fees for 8 one-hour lessons are only $105. They emphasise participation and fun in their kids tennis lessons and coaching. With locations all over Perth, you can easily find a location near you. They have professional coaches with over 25 years of experience that will help your child learn tennis while having fun.

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