If your child is beginning to lose interest in his or her West Perth junior tennis program, don’t be alarmed: this phase can be a normal part of sports participation for youngsters. Though there may be natural cycles involved that are out of your control, there are a few basic things you can do to rekindle your child’s interest in junior tennis. Perth instructors recommend taking time to understand exactly why your child may feel disinterested before you encourage him or her to head back out to the courts.

Encouraging Junior Tennis: Perth Pros Say, Start With Understanding When it comes to boosting your child’s interest in junior tennis, Leederville instructors encourage parents to understand what exactly is causing your child to disconnect from the game in the first place. It’s possible that your child mistakenly feels like there is a lot of pressure or heated competition attached to participation in North Perth junior tennis programs. Children may also feel that they are not improving or progressing quickly enough, a feeling that can make them far more reluctant to take part in junior tennis. Leederville tennis programs are a safe place to learn and grow as a beginner tennis player, but children may still need some reassurance from you as a parent to feel like they are doing well and growing as tennis players. Offer positivity and reassurance at every opportunity, and make sure your child understands that winning is not the sole object of the game.

Who does your child play matches against in junior tennis? Noranda programs may offer match-ups with a large number of peers of a similar age, but your child might wish he or she had some familiar faces in the group. Round up some children in your Noranda neighbourhood and encourage them to join your child in giving junior tennis a try. A few friends may be enough to boost your child’s engagement level and enthusiasm for the game. Ballajura neighbourhood friends make great post-program practice partners, too!

Joondalup Junior Tennis Instructors Recommend Free Play to Boost Morale

If you feel that your child is struggling the most acutely with the competitive element of junior tennis, Joondalup program instructors recommend making time for non-compete free play sessions. These sessions can involve either scoreless matches with local Kinross friends and family members or mini-activities that can boost hand/eye coordination without any competitive parameters. Let go of your expectations, and simply allow your child to enjoy making a connection between ball and racquet. Sometimes reducing the game to its most basic level can help children to remember what they love about junior tennis. Friendly matches between you and your child or your child and a peer can be a great opportunity to laugh and play as a group without any pressure or competitive obligations. Your child may be able to relax and enjoy the game more when he or she stops associating competition so closely with junior tennis. Joondalup instructors remind parents that children will always have an opportunity to sharpen their technical skills and become more competitive later on in life: for now, simply encourage your kids to enjoy the experience and participate in Butler junior tennis programs without fear, criticism, or restrictive personal standards.

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