Looking for an ANZ Hot Shots Tennis Program in Perth? Look No Further Than Tennis Lessons Perth

Have you heard about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program? Launched in 2008, this tennis program for kids has quickly gained a massive nationwide following. According to the official Hot Shots website, the program sees the participation of more than half a million primary school-aged children during a year’s time. Sponsored by New Balance and the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), Hot Shots was designed with the goal of making it easy for young children to jump in and start learning tennis at their own pace.

Find ANZ Hot Shots Tennis in Perth

At Tennis Lessons Perth, we are proud to offer junior tennis lessons through the Hot Shots Tennis program in Perth. In fact, we were an early adopter of the program. We have been offering Hot Shots Tennis in Perth since 2008.

Since adding Hot Shots to our course offerings, the program has become a key component of our junior tennis coaching methodology. Hot Shots is a four-tiered program. The four stages—Blue Stage, Red Stage, Orange Stage and Green Stage—are laid out to help children develop their tennis skills as they grow and mature. For instance, Blue Stage is meant as a beginning level for very young kids (3-5 years old), while Green Stage is for 9-12 year-olds.

Throughout these stages, our ANZ Hot Shots Tennis program in Perth instils kids with the fundamental strokes they need to play tennis (backhand, forehand, volley, serve, ground strokes, smashes, etc.—as well as with the confidence they need to play the game. The program starts young children out on smaller courts and with smaller, lighter weight racquets so that they can develop their skills in easier and lower pressure environments.

Enrol Your Primary School-Aged Child in a Hot Shots Tennis Program in Perth

At Tennis Lessons Perth, we love our ANZ Hot Shots program because it sends the message that you can never be too young to start playing tennis. Ever since we started coaching tennis more than 25 years ago, we have specialised in kids tennis classes. However, it wasn’t until we added Hot Shots that our junior tennis program really started to flourish.

Today, we are happy to take on new students of any age. From three-year-olds to 13-year-olds to 53-year-olds (and beyond!), we welcome beginners at any stage of life. With programs like ANZ Hot Shots in our arsenal, we are well equipped to guide junior tennis players to the early stages of competitive play and forward from there. Who knows? A future Australian Open winner could be enrolled in one of our Hot Shots Tennis programs in Perth right now!

Are you a tennis player who wants to pass on the joy of the sport to your child? For young players, Hot Shots is the perfect place to start teaching the skills, values and fun of tennis. To enrol your child in Hot Shots Tennis in Perth, give us a call at Tennis Lessons Perth today. You can reach us on (08) 9381 7756.

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