One good way to get your children interested in tennis is to find them some age-appropriate lessons where they’ll be able to have fun. At Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching, we offer lessons for children of any age to enjoy.

Lifetime Health Benefits from Hot Shots Tennis in Safety Bay

Playing sports and getting the chance to run around is as important for your kid’s health as well as your own. Learning a sport like tennis can help develop healthy exercise habits, especially since it’s a sport that can easily be played recreationally for a lifetime. Along with health, tennis can help your child to develop strength and coordination, including spatial perception.

It’s also a good way for them to learn character traits like persistence, good sportsmanship, and even teamwork when playing doubles. Learning through a gradual and deliberate process like Hot Shots tennis in Rockingham will encourage kids to grow while still enjoying themselves.

Growing With Hot Shots Tennis in Baldivis

Peter Gerrans offers junior tennis lessons at all levels, including kindy lessons for three-to five-year olds to teach beginning skills. There, they’ll start learning the rules of the game and how to handle a racket. As kids get older and get ready to move on, they can do that through the Hot Shots program offered at Peter Gerrans.

Hot Shots is a program using special equipment, including smaller and lighter rackets that will be easier to handle and low-compression tennis balls that won’t bounce as high and won’t get out of control as easily. It also uses smaller courts, so kids will be able to focus on skills instead of having to run around too much and get tired.

There are three different stages to the program: Red, Orange, and Green. Kids can work their way up at their own pace as their skills and confidence develop, and reach the next step whenever they’re ready. This way, playing Hot Shots tennis in Mandurah, they won’t feel pressure to play above their level, and especially won’t have to worry about using an adult-sized equipment or court when it doesn’t fit their size and skill level.

At Peter Gerrans, junior lessons last for eight-week terms, with one one-hour lesson each week. They’re planned to match with school terms, to help make scheduling more convenient. You can start at any time during the term, and your fees will be pro-rated for the lessons that you missed. As a family-run business ourselves, we understand how important flexibility is. We also provide equipment at lessons, so that you won’t have to worry about equipment either.

At all stages, Peter Gerrans tennis lessons are focused on helping kids to grow and learn to enjoy the game, whether on a competitive level or just recreational. We work with individual kids to make sure they’re enjoying the game and getting the most out of it.

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