At Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching, we take pride in working with young players from an early age all the way to adulthood. As the kids get older and their skills progress, we use Tennis Australia MLC’s Hot Shots program to help them work their way through to competition.

How Hot Shots Tennis at Perth Locations Works

Peter Gerrans is an approved centre for the official Hot Shots program. This is a way to help gradually introduce growing children to a full-sized tennis game using equipment that’s appropriate for their size and their skill level. It starts them off with smaller, lighter rackets that will be easier to handle, and low-compression tennis balls that won’t bounce too high and get too out of control. It also uses smaller courts so that kids won’t need to run around quite so much.

There are three different levels to the program: red, orange, and green. Kids can work their way up through these levels at their own pace, moving on to the next one whenever they’re ready. Eventually, this will make it easier for them to take the next step up to full-sized courts and rackets. Playing Hot Shots tennis in Noranda will be a good way to help ease your child into playing tennis without leading to frustration.

Why Play Hot Shots Tennis in Leederville?

Equipment that’s designed with your child’s level in mind can help make learning to play tennis easy and fun, especially for beginners. They’ll be able to learn skills faster and more easily with a racket tat they can swing and handle smoothly, and that will be more responsive to their level of strength and coordination. A smaller court can also help them focus on the game itself rather than running around so much that they get tired too quickly.

At Peter Gerrans, our lessons focus on making sure kids pick up fundamental skills, but also on keeping the environment fun and working with you to make sure your child is getting the most out of Hot Shots tennis in Joondalup or other locations. Using proper equipment and a simpler approach is important in removing any pressure to perform up to adult levels.

Our lessons are scheduled over eight-week terms to coincide with school terms, with a one-hour session every week. Your child can also join the term late or finish early, and your fee will be pro-rated for the weeks that you missed. As a family business ourselves, we understand how important flexibility is to you. We also provide the equipment for each lesson.

If you want to introduce your child to a sport they’ll be able to enjoy either competitively or recreationally for a long time to come, easing them in through Hot Shots at lessons from Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching can help.

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